Michael Love 09 08 2020

đź’› ** The Event 2020 – light forces assist humanity ** đź’›

Pleiadian light forces transmission 8092020 (August 9, 2020)

Channeled by Michael Love


the following information is derived from direct, decoded etheric transmissions from benevolent light forces docked in earth’s solar system and some of the data comes directly from certain inside earth alliance members known as the white hats, and the great white brotherhood strategically placed in key positions of earth guardianship the galactics on the surface of planet earth!


Begin transmission….


Great one,

As incredible transformation continues on the surface of planet earth and as old unuseful 3D matrix systems are being phased out and replaced by new higher-vibrational ones, an entirely new world is being birthed right before our eyes!

Every being on the planet is working to process and deal with these powerful transformations to the best of their abilities!

A higher world is merging with the lower one right now and as these two dimensions continue to clash, a bit of chaos is the natural outcome!

Know that as we move forward things are going to settle down dramatically and become much more positive!


Benevolent light forces are monitoring everything that moves on the surface right now and are providing assistance within the galactic-codex guidelines of non-interference of free will!

The earth alliance reports that several earth days ago, the forces of light deployed a powerful new energetic protocol to assist humanity with the challenges of the grand evolutionary event that is underway on the surface!

This new Pleiadian protocol, dubbed as operation “OSTARA”, is based on exotic divine feminine energy and is designed to help evolving humanity
* better deal with the incredible systems transformations that are occurring on the surface right now,
* integrate the higher-vibrational energies present on the surface, and
* ease the birthing of a new 5D earth civilization


Light forces docked in earth’s solar system initiated this new protocol at the opening of the lions gate portal and will elevate the levels of this divine feminine, birthing energy through the end of earth year 2020!

The higher beings who are assisting humanity work from etheric realms modulating energy streams coming into earth. These streams of energy originate from the central sun at the galactic core and are light rays which contain packets of intelligent data that work to enhance our dna, via etheric coding sequences.

The down-to-earth result of this new inbound divine feminine energy will be the steady positive changes that will on the surface and in the hearts of all earth beings over the next three earth months, and the easing of any anxieties being experienced currently by the beings of earth!

We can tell you for sure that all things which are unsettling and confusing right now are going to totally work themselves out by the end of this year, so have a bit a faith as these positive changes take place, in every area of earth life!


In the most recent etheric data transmission received by the earth alliance the pleiadians who are the lead star race assisting humanity, along with the arcturians who were the original seeders of earth, communicated that earth is at the very door of it’s ascension now and it is a very short time until all the beings of this planet move fully into the new 5d earth way of being!


These grand beings give the following personal message and guidance during this great time on earth:

Dear ones,
in this special time on planet earth, you have gained much higher levels of freedom to spend towards your personal development and creativity!
It is a time for you to move closer to yourself and get to know yourself in a much deeper way!
The whole purpose for coming to earth besides having the physical experience is to remember who and what you truly are!
You can only do this when you take time out and even spend some time alone!
It is a time for you to reflect on yourself to see what you have been missing!
This special time was given by divine design to you so you could get to know yourself again!
You are a magnificent being of light, with so much potential and divinity and this is where we want to see you go!
Dear one, we know you very well because you are our family!

We were here in the beginning when this world and humans was created!
We have stayed close to you the whole time and we are still here!
We cannot do your ascension work for you, but we have given you a boost many times along the way!
Earth and humanity are such beautiful creations and there is a universal plan unfolding quickly now and the entire cosmos is watching as you ascend to your rightful place in the highest heavens!

We love you and we only want the best for you!
Know that your great journey to earth is about to come to it’s grand apex!

This grand climax is going to occur very soon and until that magic moment we give you further wise counsel:

Know that the nature of your planet sustains your very being! It heals all ailments and it provides a protection for you while you are here!

If you will notice, the high-vibrational star children of planet earth have been reasonably healthy and mostly unaffected, for the last 6 earth months!
This is simply because of the natural energy foods you have ingested and the higher-vibrational spiritual methods you practice on a regular basis!

We know that things are dramatic and energetic on the surface of the planet right now and we counsel you to simply take a step back from it all!


The great awakening of humanity is in progress and as starseeds, we must not become to entangled in it all and just allow them to come forth naturally!
There will be a time very soon when you will be called upon for your wisdom and guidance!
As the master would do, stand still for a moment!
Do not engage too deeply in all the human drama going on around you at the moment! This is another reason you have been given time out to stay to yourself for a bit!

If you will take this time out, just be alone, shut out the noise, and go inside of yourself you shall see all that we are seeing!
You will see the entirety of what is called the past, and as well as things to come, but most importantly you will arrive at now and here, which is the only reality!


Dear one, know that all the energetic activity happening around you right now is not really what it may look like in the 3d world!
You are safe, your family is safe and everything is working itself out as it should be!

This enture galaxy and planet earth are moving once again back into the ascension light of the central sun and things are gonna get better and better as divine rays of pure love begin to bathe this planet!

We are watching and we are here!
We will assist you for the next few months so you can relax a bit and allow yourself this amazing time to do what you love and just be the wonderful divine spiritual being that you are!


Being is so much more wonderful than so much doing!
This is what we are wanting you to experience right now!
When you do engage in doing, only do a thing that you love and that sparks your creative essence.

Our greatest council during this grand time on planet earth is to give yourself the highest level of unconditional love and then to give this same love to all others!
This is the great pleiadian teaching (the great commandment).


When the Pleiadians say love yourself unconditionally first, we mean in a healthy self respectful way, and not in an egoic or selfish way.
Under universal law, one cannot receive a thing they do not first give to themselves so if you want to receive the highest love, you must first show this to yourself!
You do this by following your heart in all areas of life, only doing what you love and desire, not doing what you do not love and what everyone else wants for you!
Everyone has a plan for you but this is not your plan and if you are always doing what everyone else thinks you should do, you will be the most miserable of beings!
In the matrix humans are taught to put everyone else before themselves. We know what is meant by this teaching, however if you do this you will wake up many years later feeling sad that you did not truly enjoy your life and you will feel very empty with no life energy left!

Also you cannot give to another if you have nothing to give so this is why you fill your own cup first so you will be able to love and give!
One last thing: the 3d matrix church teaches humans to love god with all your heart, mind and soul first, then others 2nd!
Notice that in this equation, there is nothing at all given to yourself which is totally not healthy and does not align to higher laws of the universe!
This teaching was distorted from its original pleiadian form and presented to humanity the way it is so it would be purposely misunderstood and keep humans from discovering that they are truly divine in every way!

What this teaching actually means is this:
who is this god you are supposed to be so in love with?
We can tell you it is in no way some being who is separate from or greater than you, and in fact it is you!
There is no being higher than you anywhere in this entire cosmos and in the end of the matter, this is the ultimate realization!
You are not a part of god or even a just a spark of god, you are all of it, manifested as you!
When one realizes this, it is the highest samadhi and then one begins to be this!
As we said, god is one, and all beings are this, including you!


Further counsel:
keep your focus solely on yourself and what you are doing right now and allow all other beings to simply be where they are.
They shall all awaken when they are ready to awaken!
Keeping your focus on you, in the now and here moment greatly increases your internal vibration and brings you to a peace that passes all understanding!
This is the great peace you will come to just before you get to the next stage in your evolution where you shall literally reign over the entire universe!


Stay hopeful and know that incredible things are happening on planet earth!
As we move forward to the end of earth year 2020 and the grand event culmination, things are going to get even more exciting!

A new era of light is about to dawn on planet earth and soon you shall see the kingdom of heaven and a new earth appear right before your eyes!

Thank you for coming to earth and for your great work on behalf of all humanity!
We give you the highest honors speak highly of you in the realms of angels!


You may not think your efforts on earth have changed things very much however from where we are looking, you have saved the whole world!
Without you there would be no hope in the earth realm so please know how important you truly are!

Now we move forward towards the imminent grand event 2020 culmination and the coming of the new golden age of aquarius!

Standby for super-awesomeness!


Let us know how you are doing on your ascension journey and what life changes you may be experiencing!


~ Michael and the Pleiadians đź’›