An invitation into New Earth

Kyoto Conference by Cobra

Table of Contents

  • July 8, 2023 (Sat) Opening
  • Greetings
  • Galactic Network of Light Meditation
  • General Announcement
  • Purpose of this conference
  • Cobra Beyond the Veil
  • Cosmic Reset
  • New Cosmic Cycle
  • False Vacuum Theory
  • Quantum Leap to True Vacuum
  • Pleiadian Tachyon Technologies
  • Cintamani Stone
  • Kyoto Dragon Vortex
  • Galactic Cintamani
  • Galactic Super Wave and Solar Micro Nova
  • Geomagnetic reversal
  • Galactic Equator Alignment
  • Extinction Events
  • Polar Shift
  • Solar Flare
  • Solar Activities
  • Dyson Sphere
  • Old Atlantic Equator
  • Q and A session 1
  • Dynamics of the Portal 2025
  • Various cycles
  • Astrological Aspects of 2025
  • Q and A session 2
  • Q and A session 3
  • Sub-Quantum and Quantum Anomaly
  • Q and A session 4
  • Q and A session 5
  • Etheric Scalar Matrix
  • Dragon Leylines of Japan
  • Scalar Matrix
  • Q and A session 6
  • Q and A session 7
  • False Vacuum




July 8, 2023 (Sat) Opening

Cobra activates the conference hall on stage



Please have a seat. The conference will start soon!

First of all, please make sure to turn off your mobile phone. Don’t take the wristband off until I get back tomorrow.

It starts now! Please return to your seats.

(Patrick briefly explains the interpretation device to the Chinese speakers.)

Everybody, welcome! Welcome to Kyoto Ascension conference.
We are going to do much of energy works. We are going to crack little bit more the Matrix.
So I’d like to ask you to close your eyes.
Have you switched off your cellphone? Did you sign the Non Disclosure Agreement? So we are ready.
Galactic Network of Light Meditation



Close your eyes and watch your breath coming in and out.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light. As you breath out, you release from your physical body everything you don’t need anymore. All uncomfortable and physical pain. Each time you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your physical body. Permeate every cell of your body with that light. As you breath out, you release from your physical body everything you don’t need anymore. Keep breathing like that.

Now, as you breath in, breath in brilliant white light into your physical body, as you breath out, you breath out that light to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your plasma body. As you breath out, you release from your plasma body everything you don’t need anymore. All darkness, let it go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your plasma body, as you breath out, you breath out that brilliant white light to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your etheric body. As you breath out, you release from your etheric body everything you don’t need anymore. All blockage in chakras and meridians, you let it all go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your etheric body, as you breath out, you breath out that brilliant white light to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your Astral lbody. As you breath out, you release from your emotional body everything you don’t need anymore. All sadness, anger, guilt, you let it all go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your astral body, as you breath out, you breath out that brilliant white light from your emotional body to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your Mental body. As you breath out, you release from your mental body everything you don’t need anymore. All doubts, dark belief system, you let it all go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your mental body, as you breath out, you breath out that brilliant white light from your mental body to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your Causal body. As you breath out, you release from your causal body all the past karma, just let it go. Everything that happened in the past, just let it go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your causall body, as you breath out, you breath out that brilliant white light from your causall body to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, breath in that brilliant white light to the totality of your being. And as you breath out, radiate that light to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath like that, you begin to realize that you are a being of light. I AM Being of Light. And for confirming the fact, we sing the sacred OM three times. We start. OM OM OM.

As a being of light. We are connecting to other beings of light in this group. We are creating one big being of light. We recognize our field, our experiences as a one big being of light. We are confirming that fact by singing the sacred OM three times. OM OM OM

As a group of being of light, we are connecting all the being of light throughout the planet. We feel our experience and visualize that. Other planet and lives of the planet. Group, couple, and individuals, creating the planetary network of light. you can feel and experience and visualize this network of light. Growing and sending throughtout the planet. Growing larger and larger. All the darkness disappearing. All wars ending. The whole planet is becoming the network of light. And only Light remains. And we are confirming the fact by singing sacred OM three times. We start.

You can feel, visualize, or experience our galaxy is a double spiral full of stars. There are billions of stars. And each of the star is a sacred being of light. In the galactic network of light. And each of the star, is sending a ray of light to the planet earth. We are a point of light into the galactic network.

That is the fulfilment of the old galactic prophecy. It will all comes out. All the darkness will disappear. And the time is now.

We are confirming that fact, we are singing the sacred OM fourt imes. And we start.

Now visualize a pillar of brilliant white light coming from the sky going through our group to the center of the earth. We ask the pillar of light to protect us today and tomorrow. We ask every single person in this room aligning to the highest purpose. Feel and visualize, or experience other lives in this room.

And to confirm that factm we are singing the sacred OM three times. OM OM OM

Slowly you become aware of your physical body. You are becoming aware of the surrounding. And if you are ready, please open your eyes.

Everybody, welcome back.

We will start the main program.

General Announcement



First, before we start, there is a general announcement:

-Do not use the cell phone in this room. You can use the cell phone outside of the room during a break. -When you are out side the room, do not make loud noise because there are other groups in this building that do not want disturbance.

-You must sign the non-disclosure agreement(NDA). That means No photography, No recordings, No use of electro device in this room.

– You can take a written notes during the conference. You can share this information outside the conference with the disclaimer “This is my interpretation. This is not exact words as Cobra said.” I have read many written notes in the past conference, and they were about 60-80 percent reliable.

-Absolutely no description how I look like and who I am outside of this room.

OK, let’s begin.

Purpose of this conference


The purpose of this conference is to make one step closer to the final Victory of the Light. So the purpose of the information you receive here is to give you empowerment, so you can be more active for the final preparation for your life and the situation that happens around you when the changes that will happen.

It has never been the intention for my blog to be information each of us waiting for the Event. Everybody passively waiting for the Event, complaining. It is your responsibility. It is highest purpose that you live your life according to the inner guidance. The purpose of this information is for more understanding what is really going on. To have more understanding what is happening around you. Because this information in not in mass media. You can also never get this information in alternative media.

You need to unlearn what you have learned, almost everything you have learned for 2000 years, in this reincarnation, and also in the past reincarnation. That was disinformation. The true information was destroyed with burning of the Alexandria Library. Almost all written or published materials are not true to intentionally maintain humanity slave. But now it’s time to release some of the real truth. Some of the information that will be released today for the first time. Some of these are released since 4000 years ago. Some of them are released only in secret society since about 3-5000 years ago. And now is the time to release them to surface population. The real purpose of this information released is for people to have overall perspective to know what is really going on.

This Elephant represents overall situation. People have own interpretation about the particular situation. As you can see, none of them are correct.




Also, we are living on the surface of the planet. Everything that you can see all the stars you can see in the sky are in the tiny circle. At the night you can see that the whole galaxy is cloud. You can see Andromeda Galaxy is much smaller, fainting light. But there are billions upon billions of galaxies that we can not see with our eyes. There are some telescopes that can see those billions of galaxies. But even with them, we can see only the portion of the universe. So it’s time to unveil the Veil to be open to the outside realm of the Matrix. We are now before the final completion of the very powerful cosmic cycle. This conference is also a preparation for that.

Cobra Beyond the Veil


(Photo of Cobra flying in near-space on a military aircraft.)



This was taken some years ago. I was in stratosphere. You can see the rounded curve of the earth’s surface. The earth is not flat but sphere. This experience gave me a deep understanding what is really going on the surface of the planet, how the chain of the events happened to lead for this particular moment.

Ill be speaking about the cosmic changes that are about to happen.

Cosmic Reset


We are experiencing the big change. The big change is about to happen. There is also an awakening of people and series of events. That is a reflection of this big change. All that intensity is a direct consequence of huge cosmic energies that are beginning to enter on the surface of the planet.


Those energies have two effects.

1. They are bringing the awakening.

2. They are bringing the purification of all that have been suppressed.

And this is the reason of all the intensity experiences on the surface of the planet right now. this crazy period won’t last forever. This purification process continue until there is a breakthrough. Now we are going deeper on the cause of this cosmic change.

New Cosmic Cycle




OK this is the real shape of the universe.

Does anybody have a quantum fluctuation resonator in this room? Thank you.

Quantum Fluctuation Resonator



Okay, as you can see here, the universe is torus, which is constant movement. It is actually space-time continuity itself, with constant movement. And this device is called Quantum Fluctuation Resonator. It actually is mimicking the structure of space-time, having the same structure of whole universe. It is a toroidal field purifying itself.

So, this constant movement of space-time is a force of evolution. And right now, this universe is in a very special moment of its evolution. Right now, up until this toroidal field was expanding. The universe was getting larger and right now, it is reaching to the maximum size. And it is about to contract again. When the moment of expansion stops and contraction begins, it is the moment of No-Time. It is the moment when the Source can directly intervene the structure of the universe. This is the most powerful moment of the universe.

What is interesting is, there have been scientific articles last few years, observing that we are just few hundred million years away from that moment, which is relatively short period of time, with the cosmic scale of time. Actually, we are much much much much closer to that moment; we are actually living in this moment now! this is the moment of No-Breath. The Moment of Cosmic Breath-In Stops and Breath- Out begins. That will be the moment some of the physical laws changes. In Quantum Physics, there is a theory called False Vacuum Theory.

False Vacuum Theory




Scientists interpret this wrongly, so I will explain briefly. That means this universe has not reached the state of final equilibrium. It has not reached the most stable state. So the universe is not in balanced state because it has not reached the equilibrium yet. When this cosmic expansion stops and contraction begins, this equilibrium reaches. So this universe is in restructuring process. And this process is reaching our solar system and our planet as well.

Planet Earth is in a key position for very simple reasons. It is because the Dark forces have chosen this planet as the last fortress. And a part of this cosmic restructure process is elimination of all Darkness. So, all the remaining darkness need to be purified also. This is why there are so many dramas right now. It was a big surprise that in 1996, The Dark Forces chose this planet for their last fortress. It was expected by the Galactic Confederation that the Dark Forces would choose Rigelian system in Orion. It was expected the Planet Earth will be released in 1995. Instead, they have released Rigel and chose The Earth and strengthen the hold to it. So the Rigel was liberated, I would say in 2003, about ten years ago. And the Dark beings teleported to planet Earth. Some of them have not been cleared, they are still here. So the planet earth is the focal point of this big transformation. What happens here determines key of whole universe. So, we are not here by chance, but we are determined to be here. We are here to resolve this cosmic situation.

As you can see, this is our universe right now. In the moment of the expansion stops, this will restructure to the larger universe. This is just a symbolic picture to show the universe is transforming.



What is interesting is that, the quantum physics have proofed that we are in the mid of unstable state. So the physicists measuring the mass of a top quark. Most of the measurement show that the mass is in metastable region, which means it is not in stable nor instable, but just in-between. So you can see we are in the same moment, just at the moment of transition.

It is reflected in the sub-atomic particles: Something is about to change. We are about to create Quantum Leap. This is not just a symbolic statement. I am mentioning this from the Quantum condition.

I will explain in detail how this transformation is happening and basis of this.

Quantum Leap to True Vacuum




People need to have an understanding the cause of what happens here. Those situation of the cosmic energies, and everything that is happening here now.

I will be speaking about how this quantum cosmic transition influence the Galactic Central Sun. And how this galactic central sun physically influence our solar system and planet Earth. And how this activity of the sun and all the planetary changes of the human society taking place. And how all these lead to the final Compression Breakthrough and the Event.

This increasing activity of the Galactic Central Sun is right now just on the energetic plane but not in physical plane. When the galactic central sun get physical, it would be the End of the World as we know. So we are still in preparation phase for energetic transition.

Pleiadian Tachyon Technologies

Many years ago, Pleiadians have given me the instructions to reveal the technology that eases this transitions. Because they knew that there is going to be big transition, and there will be a wave from the galactic central sun. They have given me this technology that will be acceptable for the surface population of the planet. That is Tachyon technology.

Tachyon is a sub-atomic particle that moves faster than light. They are the first particles born just after the beginning of the universe. They are connected to the Source, directly connected to the Big Bang. Therefore, the tachyon is directly connected to the Source, so the highest vibration possible on this planet. The universe is filled with tachyons. They are throughout the galaxy. But the Dark Forces have created electro magnetic fence around the Earth, which among other things blocks arrival of tachyon from rest of the universe.

There is certain layer of the atmosphere called “Ionosphere”. Ionosphere has function to absorb the cosmic rays. So most of the cosmic rays are absorbed in ionosphere and do not reach the surface of the planet. But this is a double-edged sword. Because Ionosphere absorbs dangerous radiations that can cause skin diseases and cancer. But the Dark Forces have modified atmosphere with “Ionospheric Heater”, which blocks the arrivals of other cosmic rays, and among them, there is tachyon. So Tachyon is unable to reach the surface of the planet. After the Event, Tachyon will reach the surface normally, but now only with the assist of Tachyon Chamber, it would be possible. For this reason, we are speeding up building of tachyon chamber throughout the planet to bring harmony and healing to the surface of this planet. Those tachyon chambers will have lots of energies, and the Pleiadians use them for certain operations of the Event.

It is highest purpose that there would be more of those tachyon chambers especially in the area where no chambers yet. Other aspect of this technology Pleiadians assisted us to build the tachyonized objects. And I have brought many of these products here that you can take a look at later. But right now let’s talk about the Cintamani Stone.

Cintamani Stone


Regular Cintamani stones have come from Sirius star system.

(A map was posted showing the location of the Cintamani stones buried in Japan.)

And you can use the cintamani stone in your meditation to connect to the Light. But many cintamani stones burried under ground to anchor the energy, forming planetary energy grid. If the cintamani stones are buried under ground, they invite the angelic beings into that area. And Japanese team have buried more than 20000 cintamani stones in whole Japan as you see in this map. There were not only cintamani stones buried, but you can imagine how much effort they have been making.

(A map was posted showing the location of the Cintamani stones buried in Kyoto.)

This is a map particularly about Kyoto area. Again, Cintamani stones are buried everywhere. (applause)

Kyoto Dragon Vortex



Kyoto area is very powerful Dragon Vortex. (applause)

This is the main reason the Ascension Conference was given in Kyoto, not in Tokyo. This is the location of original Dragon Vortex in Japan. As you probably know, Kyoto was a royal city before it was moved to Tokyo about 200 years ago. A certain dragon family came from Tang Chinese Dynasty in 7th century. This family is still living in Kyoto, working behind the scene. If you want, you can find them. They are in hidden place in Kyoto.

There is a certain Shinto shrine that will close at 5pm in Northern Kyoto region. This area is very important energetically. This is why so many stones were buried. I have brought many cintamani stones that you can buy later.

(Galactic Cintamani)



There are some even more powerful stones that I received few years ago. It was too powerful that I received instructions not to reveal or publish. The first time I reveal them was, I think last year in Paris conference.

It is called Galactic Cintamani.

Galactic Cintamani
This has direct connection with the Galactic Central Sun. This is the most powerful stone right now on the surface of the planet available. This stone, again, connects you to the galactic center. Galactic cintamani stones will be activated at the moment of the Event, or the compression breakthrough. Now the surface population are becoming ready for receiving this stone, so it made me able to bring these stones with me.
The galactic cintamani stones have also the very important function that I will talk about later, is clearing Sub-Quantum Anomaly.
There is more about this stone, but I will gradually reveal them.
It is also important in this particular moment to bring more goddess energy to the surface of the planet. For this reason, I have brought many pendants and jewelry to anchor more goddess energy. By wearing these you can assist in bringing more goddess energy to the surface of the planet.
(Holding a pillow with a golden Flower of Life symbol in hand.)
This has just been released last week. It is not on sale. This is a sample. This is especially for Tachyon chamber owners. (laughter) if you really want this, you can send me email.

OK we will have 20 minutes break. During the break, you can come to look at the products.

Short Break

(Akira from the Japan team explains about numbered tickets that we require to purchase products)

Close your eyes. Breath in brilliant white light and breath out brilliant white light. Keep breathing like that. And when you are ready, please open your eyes.

Everybody, welcome back. I will continue the main program.

I will be speaking about something quite important for this time period, which is Galactic Super Wave event

Galactic Super Wave and Solar Micro Nova




This Galaxy is a living being as every galaxy. As a galaxy as a living being, it is breathing and pulsating. And, it has its own heart beating. Its own heart beating is a pulse of high frequency energy from the galactic center. That is happening in the regular interval about 26000 years. Each time there is a galactic pulse, it sends wave of energy throughout the whole galaxy, to etheric bodies of everything. It is natural correction mechanism that ensures everything works out.

I will be speaking about the galactic super wave from the perspective of physics, and from the perspective of energy also. Because, there is physical and non-physical aspect of the same phenomenon. And in the last few years, some hardcore scientific area have emerged about this problem.


Geomagnetic reversal

Actually there is a scientific study of the galactic pulse. This happens in every galaxy, not only in our galaxy. Galactic super wave, or galactic pulse always include Magnetic Polar Reversal. So, polarity of the magnetic field of the galactic center reverse. So what was previously North magnetic pole becomes South magnetic pole, and other way around.

We see here scientists measuring magnetic field of the Seyfert galaxy 2011. North pole up, and South pole down. And then, suddenly few years later, this situation started to change. In few years, north pole is down and south pole is up. Magnetic field has reversed in the galaxy. So we see here, there is a scientific evidence when galactic flare hits, a magnetic pole reversal happens. This is a very fast process. It usually takes few years in maximum. It is a sudden process. There are some signs before actual reversal begins, but the onset of galactic polar reversal is very fast. From the physical perspective galactic pulse in this galaxy is not active right now. It can be active in 2 months, we don’t know.

Galactic Equator Alignment


There is also an important astrological configuration, which are reinforcing the transitions in this particular galactic super wave event that is happening right now. it happens every 26000 years, when the winter solstice sun crosses the galactic equator.

So, when you would see the sun in the winter solstice in 1998, it was exactly on the plane of the galactic equator that created very strong impulse from the ecliptic plane which is a plane of our solar system. It means that in that period, plane of our solar system was very open for the energies that are coming from the galactic center.


13000 years ago, which is a half of the same cycle, in the summer solstice, the situation was almost the same as now. Each half of the galactic cycle, there is also a galactic pulse, which is not so strong but it happens.

Extinction Events



And here you can see that there is geological evidence of those galactic pulse happening every 12,000- 13,000 years. So, each of the galactic pulse influences the sun of a solar system, and it influences our lives as well. Later, I will explain how this mechanism works. But you can see there is a huge pulse, there is also various strong mass extinction events on the surface of the planet. Extinction means many of the species have come to extinct because the transition was so intense that some species could not survive. Those names on the list are the names of geological events. The geologists measured ice core samples, the isotopic composition of the rocks and found out there were very strong geological events that happened and caused mass extinctions. This was exactly the time of the galactic pulse took place. Each of those event changes surface of the planet quite dramatically. From geological point of view, right now this is expected to happen again.


OK, each time the galaxy makes its pulse, there is a very strong energy wave hitting all over the solar systems in the galaxy. Those waves influence the Sun. Our particular sun in the solar system is quite stable star; we don’t usually have any problem. But when the galactic pulse hits, it changes the internal mechanism, or its magnetic field of the sun. What happens is that the sun becomes Micro Nova. It means that the sun suddenly makes the very strong flash of the radiation and energy.

What also will happen is that the sun’s magnetic field influences the all planets in the solar system. It influence also the magnetic field of this planet, and triggers a magnetic pole reversal.

Polar Shift


Here you can see the animation based on real measurement how north magnetic pole already shifting. The compass which we used few decades ago does not show us the same pole as we see right now. what is interesting is that the airports have to replace some of their landing runways because the geomagnetic position is not the same anymore. So, the geomagnetic polar shift is already in its initial stage; the geomagnetic polar shift is already happening.



The other things in fact already happening now is, our planet’s magnetic field is weakened. This is the projection I made.



Few years ago, I saw almost exact the same graph from Suspicious Observers website.

Actually geomagnetic field has been weakened since 1859. There was a huge solar storm in 1859, called Carrington Event. There was a huge solar storm coming from the huge sun spot. The storm was so strong that telegraph lines were self combusted. It was the first sign of the coming polar shift. Since that time, magnetic field of the planet Earth began to decrease. This Carrington Event also triggered a very deep sociable change in human society, especially expression of emotion. As you can see the society of humans since 1859 much more emotional.

The measurement of NASA has determined by the year of 2000 the magnetic field lost 10 percent. Few years ago, it has lost 20 percent. Now it lost 25 percent. It will lose another 1-2 percent per year.

As the magnetic field is weakening more and more, there will be less and less protection of the planet. When strong solar flares hit the planet, they destroy the remaining part of the magnetic field of the Earth.

When the magnetic field is weakened, solar flares can reach the surface of the planet directly. There are gradually more earthquakes, thunderstorms, and at the certain point, there will be direct solar flash can reach the surface directly, which can be dangerous for the volcanic eruptions and fires, all that can happen with that energy.

And at the certain moment the field drops enough, there will be a magnetic polar shift. When the magnetic North suddenly rips very fast to the other side of planet. At that time, the magnetic field of the planet is almost zero. When the magnetic field is very low, it creates also a physical polar shift, or shift of physical poles. There is a certain area between mantle and crust called Mohorovičić discontinuity. Usually, that area is solid enough so it can crutch the crust and mountains. When the magnetic field drop, the area become more semi-fluid, suddenly the earth crust is attached anymore physically to the mantle. As the earth rotates, the earth crust is not rotating together with the mantle. And as the mantle loses the grips on the crust, the water splashes the continent, rushing and washing out whole planet.

Solar Flare


There will be strong solar activity that can trigger it. Usually the solar activity gets stronger in the solar maximum period, which comes once in every 12 years. The next solar maximum is expected to come in years, around 2025.



During the solar maximum, very strong solar storms can happen, which are called X-class solar flares. Usually, during the solar maximum, we have X10 solar flares, which are quite strong. There can be x20 flares which are more powerful. During the year 1859, we had x30 flare. And, there was even more powerful event centuries ago such as x40 flare in 774.

Already in this month there were few x-class flares observed. We already have the x-class flares that are getting stronger. Also last week, there was a huge sunspot that was even observable with naked eyes. So the sun entered the solar maximum two years ago, and it already is very active.

(Graph showing correlation between X-class solar flares and Earth’s geomagnetic field)

Here in this graph you can see the influence of the strength of the solar flares versus Earth’s magnetic field.

The X flare we had last week has almost zero influence on the magnetic field of Earth. It is not strong enough to do any damage. When it gets x-flares which is more powerful, there is some effects on the geomagnetic field. Usually we get one of x10 flares every solar maximum. This is quite strong but not so dangerous yet. When it is x15, it is getting dangerous. If we get x20, which is very powerful, it is getting really really dangerous. Last time we got this was November 2003, about 20 years ago.

So, Earth’s magnetic field is weakened enough with the strong solar cycle, magnetic polar shift and physical polar shift are possible. From the perspectives of the physics, it is quite a high probability that we will have a polar shift in the next 3 solar maximum. Either this one, or next one. It is a general consensus of physics.

Or, from pure perspectives of the physics, 35 percent of the probability of polar shift in next few years because we will be in solar maximum. There is another 35 percent possibility of physical polar shift in the next solar maximum around 2037. There is about 30 percent of possibility for the physical polar shift in the solar maximum in 2049. Of course undercovered sources says the next polar shift is coming next few years.

When the sun really begins more active, it goes into micro nova cycle, it emits more energies both energetically and physically. The energies will hit the surface of the planet more directly. Experience shows in the past, during the physical polar shift, 0.1-10percent of population survive. I will speaking about the evacuation process later today.

Solar Activities




First, let us focus on the physical dynamics of the situation.

It shows the actual solar activity versus forecast in past years until now. the red line shows the official forecast, and as you can see, have already exceeded the predicted maximum. The sun is already more active than the last solar maximum. We are expected to reach the current solar cycle, which is the Solar Cycle 25, which peak is in 2025.

Dyson Sphere

Light Forces are protecting our solar system and the plant against excessive radiation as much as necessary from the involvement galactic energies coming.



So they have created the Dyson sphere around the sun and the earth. Those Dyson spheres are actually motherships positioning in the special position forming sacred geometry around the earth and the sun. Those motherships regulate at the certain degree the radiation and energies. Without the assistance the Galactic Confederaition, we would had massive cataclysm already decades ago. And without the assistance of the light workers which have been doing many many meditations, we would also had many cataclysm already decades ago. So, collectively we are able to stabilize the situations very much according to the situation the planet is still existing.

Old Atlantic Equator


OK, this is the position the earth equator before the last polar shift. As you can see, the position of equator was quite much different than it is now. this was the timing of the late Atlantis. During that time, there was very powerful goddess temples along with the equator line. All those temples connected to the motherships of the galactic confederations stationing above those temples. Those motherships were stabilizing planetary network of light during the time of Atlantis.


This old Atlantic equator will be reactivated again, very soon. The interesting locations we can still find along the line. In Ba‘labakk in Lebanon, there was huge structure of Jupitar temple. The foundation of that temple was actually the foundation of the goddess temple from the time of Atlantis. It is made of stone blocks weighing 3-400 killo grams. It is very difficult with modern technology to create huge stone block like this. There is one huge stone block more than 1,000 tons. According to the human history, this was created in Roman empire. Of course it is much older. I would challenge Japanese engineers to create 1000 tons of stone blocks and stack them like the temple! Obviously the technologies back then which was creating temple is incomparable. There are other locations on that goddess equator. Among them, there is Paris, France, Stone henge, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, in the coasts of USA. They are just few example, but this is just to have an idea how the final days of Atlantis.



There is a scientific evidence that there was a cosmic event in the area around old Equator. You can see the (Violet) line representing the Atlantian goddess equator. This area is called YDB field where geologists found very tiny micro tektites. Very small molten stones coming from the space. Those micro tektites are 13,000 years old. So, this was the exact time of the last polar shift caused by the last galactic pulse. You can see there is many scientific evidences for what I am talking about. But the big picture has been suppressed because Dark Forces do not want for surface population to know about this. They do not want us to know about the Solar Flash. There is a very interesting book called “Adam and Eve Story” which was published about 70 years ago that explains great deal of physical polar shift. It does not explain galactic super wave, but it explains solar activities. This book was suppressed by CIA. It was banned. But suddenly, it appeard in the internet few years ago. Now it is available. So if you want to get one, you can now. This means true information is coming out. When the time of the Event, Light Forces will release all information such as this to the general mass. Tomorrow, I will explain more the sequesnces of the Event.

OK, now we can have time for answering few questions.

Q and A session 1



Q. You mentioned that the Galactic Cintamani anchors the energy of the Goddess, does that mean that the more we bury that stone in the ground, the more you can anchor the energy of the Goddess?

A. Galactic Cintamani itself is not about Goddess energy, it is the energy of the galactic center. And, when the time is right, I will give you more instructions about Galactic Cintamani, but it is not the time yet.

Q. During the last conference in Taipei, you mentioned that there is no ascended Draconian beings. But during the last interview session, you said Confucius is actually a draconian. Would you like to clarify this?

A. It has been extremely rare that draconians ascended throughout the human history. In the last history ever known, there is no ascended beings from draconian races.

Q. Was Kyoto built by the lost 12 tribes of Israel who came to Japan long time ago?

A. Ok, this is a myth that I can not confirm. There was some exchanges between Egypt and Israel and Japan at that time, but the situation was little bit different from the myth.

Q. Historical speaking, would you name some positive dragon beings from Kyoto?

A. There is various strong dragon traditions in Kyoto. As I mentioned dragons came from mainland China, and some of them are still living in Kyoto.

Q. Before the polar shift, how much time left for Light Forces to evacuate us?

A .I will go into the details tomorrow.

Q. Kyoto is said to be the prototype of Heian-kyo built by the Hata clan, so did you mean that this Hata family is the Dragon family?
A. This is one line, but not the only one bloodline.

Q. I was wondering why you explained that the Event will happen in 2025.
A. This is my prediction and estimation based on my understanding of the situation. There is no guarantees. I will explain later when I am speaking about the quantum and sub-quantum anomalies, but nobody knows when. In short, quantum anomaly is Unpredictable. Also, Freewill is Unpredictable. Therefore, even the Light Forces do not know the exact time of the Event and how it will unfold. We are co-creating this. So what we have is a guideline or estimations, but we can not guarantee “this happens when”. We only have a general map of the whole situation.

OK, Thank you very much.

Now we are going to have a 20 minutes break.

Short Break
Dynamics of the Portal 2025


We will continue the main program. I was speaking before about the physical aspect of the galactic flash or galactic pulse. I will be speaking from now about the same thing from more energetic perspective. I will speak about the various cosmic cycles as well. I can not give you the exact date or proof about this, but I can give you the map or guideline as much as available.

Various cycles


I am not only one speaking about the various cycles.

This is a very interesting economist called Martin Armstrong. He has studied different cycles especially economy and geopolitics of the last decades. He gave some of very famous trades of the stock market against Japanese Yen. (Reference Articles: ) Because of his understandings of various economic cycles, he made a lot of money. And what is interesting is that he did not want to become a part of cabals. He created a computer program which can caliculate various cycles. And what is interesting about this program is its projection of the cycles many times matches to my predictions. This was taken from his website. This is not his most well-known projection, but according to this graph, he predict the western civilization during fall of next year. What is interesting with this graph is that he collected all data directly and describe the beginning of western civilization since 3,114 BCE, about 5000 years ago. He has a very interesting position. But now we are getting into stronger staff.

Astrology is not a pseudo-science. Astrology can accurately predict resonance field of the solar system. Each planets meeting in the information quantum field. When you project that information of the quantum field on the plane of the ecliptic, you get the certain resonance picture which looks similar to horoscope. And when one of these make astrological aspect, especially when those aspects are involved, they create a very strong resonance pattern in the quantum field. And those resonance field influence whole human society. Last year, as we are approaching 2025, we are entering the strongest astological aspect in the last 500 years, astrologically end of certain era, and the beginning of the new era. The last time the similar aspect was present was the Renaissance. Now those aspects are happening again and empowered by also the galactic cycle.

Astrological Aspects of 2025



Many aspects which are going to happen around 2025. There is a triple sextile with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Not only we have triple sextile, but each change their astrological sign. Approximately the same time, Pluto enters the Aquarius. Neptune enters the Arius. Uranus enters the Gemini. This will completely change energetic picture for this planet next few years.


We have already witnessed some changes as Pluto already entered the Aquarius few months ago. I have predicted that Pluto in Aquarius will bring us the First Contact.

And in the beginning of June, the last days the Pluto was remaining in the Aquarius, official disclosure process started to happen. When there was a certain whistleblower named Grusch from United States was interviewed and he revealed that there is a secret program in the US military recovering and repress the crushed alien crafts and also kept the pilots of the crushed crafts. That information was not released in alternative media, but in the mainstream media. This has started the political process in the United States where certain members of the US congress are requesting the investigation and want all the secret information about those vehicles and beings. They want the truth. Somethings like this have never happened before. But the energy of Pluto in Aquarius makes us not suppressing information anymore. And, why this is happening? It is because the cabals in the US were asked: If they do not disclose, the Russians will disclose first. They want to control the information. They want to release before the Russia takes a lead of the mass. The Russia also has the tons of files of the secret vehicles. And a video was published several years ago, and they stated that Russia has classified vehicles’ informations that they can declassify when needed. So, Pluto enters in Aquarius again in next year. I will be speaking about this tomorrow, but this disclosure process will get much more intense.

This is just the first beginning. There is Neptune enters Arius, and Uranus enters Gemini that will completely change the landscape. There will be certain change in the society. We will have Sedna enters the Gemini again after 13,000 years. We will have a triple conjunction in next few years : Uranus, Sedna and Pleiades. They are going to make a triple conjunction. Pleiadians will initialize the certain process with their operation. I will write about more about this in my blog.

Haumea enters the Scorpio. This will bring a rebirth of new age spirituality. All those three outer planets and those two asteroids will make strong aspects to each other in next years. They will activate the huge changes.

Okay, this is very interesting graph showing the traces of the three outer planets making aspects like this. As you can see here, they are making extremely powerful resonance field after at least 500 years. This resonance pattern will activate the New Renaissance.



The same resonance pattern were seen 500 years ago. Here we have Uranus and Pluto makes mid-Trine with Neptune. You can see they are making this progress together from 2024-2025. This will be a very powerful cycle.

This cycle is reinforced by Sirius cycle.



Sirius is triple stars, but here we see the major stars Sirius A and B. Sirius A on the center and Sirius B is rotating around it. Each time they take a maximum distance, New Sirius Cycle begins. The last Sirius cycle began in 1975 and it will end in 2025 as well. So, this is 50 years period. Dark Forces need to be transformed in this time period.



There will be Contact experience with Galactic Confederation. We are not that far from that moment. During the Portal of Light Activation, they made a lot of progress. We have not reached the contact yet, but not so far from it. Now, we have time for answering few of your questions.

Q and A session 2


Q. If our Tachyon Healing Chamber is spacious enough, can we do Goddess Vortex in the same room?

A. You can if you wish and if there is a space around. (audience laughed)

Q. If Kyoto is the birthplace of and associated with dragons, what role does Mt.Fuji have?

A. Mt. Fuji is a very strong energy vortex. It is a main entry point of Galactic Confederation. (audience applauding)

Q. Do you have any advice for us to have the best utilization of sleeping time?

A. Just get some rest. (audience laughed)

Q. You said there will be the fall of Western civilization. Will there be any other civilization rising?

A. It will be the rise of the galactic civilization. (audience applauding)

Q. Do the Resistance Movement study and learn from the books written by the surface population?

A. Yes, they use these books to learn and try to understand psychology of people.

Q. I believe people want to know the truth, so I’ll ask you the question. Was the Dragon Group involved in the murder of Shinzo Abe?

A. This is a complex situation. Basically, before that situation, Dark Forces went too far. Assassination of Shinzo Abe was a warning for their leaders understandings of their leaders what may happen if they do not beg down. I would not go too much in detail, but I would say that certain protection which was around Shinzo Abe at that time was breached. This was not a work of Dragons.

Q. I would like to know your regards toward the Artificial Intelligence and the current status of AI craziness in the world we are experiencing right now. Is this all evil AI? Or is there good AI as well?

A. There is so much hypes about AI. You need to understand that this is just computer algorithm which has been determined by the creators of that programing. AI itself is not dangerous; what can be dangerous is the intention of the creators. AI could be useful and effective, but humans have not yet reached that level of spirituality, and computer generation has just started. And, of course the Dark Forces want to use it to control the humanity.

Q. I was wondering because there are so many people in the US interested in psychedelic experience such as Ayahuasca experience. Do such experiences help the ascension process?

A. In most case, No. Because, to really have the official use of those sacred plants, we need to have a very capable shaman which will lead the ritual. They need to make the journey by themselves, know themselves and how to use the plants for Ascension process. Most shamans in scenes with the Ayahuasca ceremonies are simply not capable for doing this correctly. People may have a nice trip in Astral plane or sometimes not so nice in Astral plane, and that’s about it.

Thank you very much. Now we will have a lunch break. We will continue at 4 o’clock.

Lunch Break

Everybody, welcome back. We will continue the main program. And first off, we will have few questions.

Q and A session 3



Q. The forces of light are predicting that Taiwan and Japan will pull the trigger on the event, but is this about the people as a whole, the lightworkers, or the dragon family?

A. Taiwan and Japan is a key for the whole planet because there is a higher concentration of light workers on the planet with the highest amount of cintamani stones under the ground. So, it is a plan energetically trriger the Event and the light grid here in Japan and Taiwan.

Q. You have been a member of COBRA for some time now, what special experiences have you had?

A. (Terry, the interpreter, is puzzled and explains that this is COBRA here) I’d not answer this question. (audience laughter)

Q. There is so much infights within light workers groups and what is the best way to solve this? And what is the force behind this?

A. Light workers need to understand those infights are the influence of the Dark Forces. I would say 99 percent of fighting is meaningless. They have no meaning. Whenever light workers fighting each other are not light workers, they are dark workers. (audience laughter) The key is they need to understand that they are in a particular situation to fight each other. Just come together, talk together, and know your highest purpose. But again, it is your freewill, so I can not force you to do that.

Q. Chinese light workers are persecuted by police authority. Last month, many of the light workers were arrested and interrogated. Are the Light Forces aware of the situation and do they provide some protection?

A. The Light Forces are aware of the situation. They are working behind the scenes to solve this situation.

Q. There are 41 countries that wish to join BRICKs, is this a sign that the Eastern Union is getting stronger?

A. I will explain. The Dragon families have decided in few years ago, because the West will not agree the agreement that was made between them in last century, and because the western nations stole their Yamashita gold, they have decided to take the power away from the West. They are the Eastern Aliance. There were certain Black Dragon and Green Dragon families from Kyoto involved in those groups. They are trying to make the gold-backed currency to reach the bankrupt western banks. There was a certain announcement from Bricks just yesterday about the gold backed currency in August this year. Western countries try to trigger another world war before that happens. Light forces do whatever possible to maintain peace this time. There was a plan to blow up the Persian nuclear plant but that was avoided and nuclear war was prevented. So, the light forces are doing whatever possible to maintain peace in this critical period. Unfortunately, final agreement between light forces and dragon families can not be reached because dragon family itself is not aligned to the plan. But the situation will be solved one way or another.

Q. Recently, the leaders of World Economic Forum and Bill Gates visited China and met Xi Jinping. Are they doing something evil behind the scenes?

A. Unfortunately, yes. Shewab and Bill Gates…yes. That was not a good meeting. (audience laughter) They want to make agenda for Great Reset, covid passport and all things like that.

Okay, we will continue now with the main program.

Sub-Quantum and Quantum Anomaly


We will go deeper into the aspect of the anomaly. What is actually anomaly, I will explain to you.

This is how the world look like from the quantum scale. It is field of energy that is erupting potency randomly appearing out of vacuum. This is how the current physics understand Quantum Foam or Quantum Fluctuations.

In that field of energy, sometimes out of that energy, something pop up and erupt, and being created out of apparent nothing.

This is another interpretation about the same thing.

What the modern physics did not understand is that there is something else needed in this process.

Germain physicist Max Planck created a famous equation of the quantum field. Basically, physicists worship this equation. What it says is that nothing can be faster than light. They also say nothing can smaller than planck length. But they are wrong. Pleiadians understand there is something smaller than planck length. And, that something smaller can not be detected directly by any mean. There is something smaller than that has effect on the quantum field. And, that affects everything, even to the universe. This “something smaller” is called sub-quantum anomaly.

Sub-quantum anomaly is basically smaller than quantum foam. Light forces have a quite advanced technology to control this quantum anomaly, which is called “Hammer of Thor”, of Mjölnir. With this, they have cleared a lot of quantum anomaly already. But the problem is the sub-quantum anomaly, which can not be detected directly, so they cannot be cleared directly. We can only clear them indirectly. So, Light forces use the Mjolnir to clear the quantum field again and again, so the sub-quantum anomaly are cleared as well. Sub-quantum anomaly itself is not evil. It is just a random sub-quantum field that blocks the liberation process. It is like thick fog. Dark forces are using their technologies to accumulate these quantum and sub-quantum anomaly and use them especially after 1996. After the Archon invasion in 1996, they brought all these anomalies as much as possible toward the planet earth. So, there is a huge amount of irrational things on this planet, and we are immersed in this anomaly swamp. When Donald Trump was speaking about “Drain the Swamp”, he is very close to the truth. This “Swamp” is sub-quantum anomaly. These anomalies influence our energy field, emotion ,thoughts, and course of actions.


When enough amount of this is cleared, the light forces will pull the trigger of the Event. I will be speaking about logistics of the Event tomorrow. Now, I am speaking of physical perspectives. Enough of this anomaly (entropy) is cleared, the Event will happen because that sub-quantum anomaly is becoming like Murphy’s Law. “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Human freewill is much involved in this process.

Sub-quantum anomaly is not just an empty anomaly. Actually, they are the beings from the previous cosmic cycle. When the previous cosmic cycle was ending, the universe was contracting that led to the Big Bang. They tried to survive in the singularity, and only way to survive through the singularity was to go into the sub-quantum anomaly. They have developed this advanced technology in the previous cosmic cycle that they have plunge their consciousness into sub-quantum anomaly. They have managed to survive singularity of the big bang but something happened during that process. Because there was extremely huge energy was condensed into a small matter, those beings have been extremely traumatized. They have also lost their individuality. They have merged into a morphless being called Lurker. That being is still existing in the sub-quantum space. As subquantum anomaly is being cleared, these etheric beings are also cleared. It can be stated that these beings are evil, but it is more problematic that they are extremely traumatized, extremely angry. They need to be liberated. But as we have no much time left, all darkness and those beings will be cleared, that will resolve all. So, in a way, we are not just clearing what just looks like, but we are fighting cosmic battle and clearing cosmic Karma from previous cosmic cycle.

From human perspective, this process is going extremely slow, taking too much time. But from the cosmic perspective, this process is happening extremely fast. Huge amount of cosmic anomaly is being cleared incredibly fast. Huge amount of very complex situation has been resolved in last decades. All the problems with toplet bombs are resolved in May, which has been a huge problem for the Light forces for millions of years. So, from the cosmic perspective, we are extremely close to liberation. This is the reason the light forces say “it will happen very soon”. It is their perspective. (audience laughter) Here, we are almost in frozen time. One month we feel here is like infinity to them.



Various structures of all sub-atomic particles are being aligned and harmonized right now as more and more anomalies being cleared. This is something called Calabi-Yau Manifold. It is multi-dimensional structure which describe all forms according to the string theory. More and more primary anomaly gets cleared, more and more it will be cleared. So, we are not only clearing primary anomaly or clearing physical plane, but we are clearing all the multi-dimensional being. So what we are experiencing is not just anti-madness, we are experiencing a cosmic transition.

Quantum world is not visible, but it affects directly our being. So, if enough of subquantum anomaly will be cleared, your life begins to feel lighter because all the density of etheric and astral plane being cleared, your life will soon be brighter. And, shortly after that, the Event will happen.

Nobody here know the exact amount of subquantum anomaly that we have to clear. Even Light forces do not know. They have their own theory of measuring this, and as far as they know, there is less and less amount of these anomalies. But it is not possible to know exact timing of the Event. Light forces also can not predict the exact behavior o fsurface population because there is freewill involved. Sometimes Light forces are surprised of some of the decisions that people made. I would say they can predict about 80 percent of the behavior but 20 percent surprise them. We are unable to predict, for example, the Dark forces released Rigel in Orion chose the Earth as their main fortress. They have not expected so much infighting with the light workers. And as they only have galactic experience, they only have a little bit of understanding what human beings went through. Also, many of them were traumatized during the galactic war. Some of us were traumatized last few decades liberating the solar system. So both the light forces’ trauma and and the trauma of light workers on the surface delay the situation. So the progress is not taking place perfectly, but we still have progress and it will be resolved soon.

Ok, time for few question.

Q and A session 4
Q. We are all born with the astrological signs meaning we are made of the cosmic light. So how can we use the light within us to transform the quantum anomaly?
A. There is no direct connection between astrological signs and quantum anomaly because quantum anomaly is not predicted. It is random. About the clearing the anomaly, there is a certain protocol but it is not the timing to release this yet. If we use it, people get crazy so I will not disclose this yet. I would say we are not ready for this yet. When the situation is ready, and when people are ready, I will talk about it.

Q. China is becoming a stronghold of Dark forces. What is Light forces’ counter measures? I also want to know the action of positive dragons in China.

A. Light forces are taking counter measures but it needs to be classified. And, action of the dragons also has to be classified.

Q. I see a thin membrane-like object between my hands that expands and contracts like rubber or gum, is this an aura?

A. There is a various layers (of aura), we have plasma here, and we can also see etheric layer of aura. You can see carious layers of aura between hands.

Q. In a previous interview with Cobra, you answered that we could describe almost everything in the universe with 64 sets of I-Ching. What is the difference between what you can explain and what you can’t?

A. It is just a matter of perspective. You can, with the 64 combinations, understand most cases. There needs to be high level of understanding. Higher consciousness can understand more and more, far beyond the I- ching.

Q. Is there a dragon family in Korea? And why are there not so many lightworkers in Korea?

A. Yes, there is a dragon family in south Korea, and they are from Tang dynasty also. About the problem in Korea, there is little organized group of light workers. They need to be reconnected, reorganized and start working together.
Let’s take a 20 minutes break now.
Short break

Everybody welcome back. Before going back to the main program, I will answer few of your questions.

Q and A session 5


Q. Are Mt. Fuji and Mt. Shasta sister mountains? Are Lemuria and Japan directly related?

A. Yes, there is a connection between Mt. Fuji and Mt. Shasta. They are both primary locations for the Galactic Confederation. They are primary anchor points for Ashtar command as well. About the Lemuria and Japan, I would not answer. But most information about Lemuria available on the surface of the planet is disinfo.

Q. what is the difference between Draconian beings incarnated from Antares system and those dragon families on the surface.

A. There is currently no draconians from Antares star system. There were dragons from that star system but long long time ago.

Q. I understand that the situation is fluid, but will the polar shift occur immediately after The Event? You previously said it would be a few years later though.

A. Most likely scenario is it will happen shortly after the Event.

Q. The term “The Event” has come into common use in the world. Some people think it is the Polar Shift or the Solar Flash. Can you explain this again from you?

A. The Event is about mass arrest of cabals, and positive financial Reset. Not about polar shift. Not about the galactic wave. I will explain that tomorrow.

Q. Do we need to know more about the position of the stars in order to intensify the effects of mass meditation?

A. More you understand, more it gets effective, yes.

Q. Does the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin disappear when we shift from the existing financial system to a new system? Or will they be replaced by something else of value?

A. Those crypt currencies have a minor role in the new system. But the value of these cryptos such as bitcoins will be respected. Basics of new quantum financial system is every transaction will be completed in the quantum computer. So each currencies will have quantum signature on it so that they can not be misused or forged. All the money, euro or yen, we use in the current system will be all respected.

OK, we will now continue the main program.
Etheric Scalar Matrix


I will explain this shortly because this program was made first in last month, the situation in etheric plane has improved so much. Basically all the network of the Dark Forces in the etheric plane has collapsed in the end of June. There are still dark network existing in etheric plane, but they can not control anymore the reincarnation process. So it practically means they cannot choose the parents for those who are reincarnating nor they force us to be born in the certain family. So, since last month, those who are reincarnating could choose their birth place and parents by themselves. Of course, it is according to the availability and circumstances in particular. There is of course the spiritual guide that can advise. But there is still some negative beings in etheric plane. But, control in our reincarnation process based on Karma has finally collapsed after 26,000 years. It is now gone. (audience applauded)


The etheric plane is not completely cleared yet. There are still dark beings walking around but they are not organized. Etheric implants, after 26000 years, are not disintegrating very fast. Practically speaking, they do not exist anymore. Theoretically, you can still feel their quantum signature, but for practical purpose, they are gone already.

So, what is happening now is reactivating positive Network of Light. All the Dragon Leylines will be reactivated by the Light forces shortly.

Dragon Leylines of Japan


Those leylines will be reactivated in future. (audience applauding with admiration and excitement)
OK, there are 3 dragon leylines that goes through Japan.
1. Central leyline that goes mountaintop of central Japan.
2. Another leyline comes from South to North on the west coast line.

3. Another leyline goes east coast (while pointing the line from north to south)

Actually, this conference is the first activation taking place in Kyoto which is the central activation point of the dragon leylines. Etheric activation from Kyoto will activate the dragon network.

What is happening now is a very intense purification of different non-physical plane. This purification process already started, I would say, February and continued providing the network of light. On April, astral plane was purified. On June to now, etheric plane was purified. We will continue this toward next months with physical plane. So this purification will be much more physical. (applaud)

Now the etheric Matrix is almost gone, and there is physical matrix remaining.

Scalar Matrix

Physical matrix has main aspects; they are physical prison. Basic physical pyramid enforced by dark forces at the end of Atlantis about 26000 years ago.

This matrix is dealt with constant equilibrium, or very stable standing wave created by electro magnetic field at the certain frequency. After the old Atlantian physical matrix and other layers were revealed after decades, especially after 1996.

This is already old now but the locations of space command. Space command is not in air force anymore. Electro magnetic fence is in the sky. The purpose of this to monitor the sky and all the extraterrestrial activity. Basically, dark forces want to threats from galactic confederation fleet and light forces. All those observatories physically monitors all the sky activities 24/7.

Their names are quite interesting. “Ascension”, Thule, Clear, Moron, and there is even one in Japan”Misawa”.

There is another layer of physical matrix with ionosphere heaters. They are actually influencing ionosphere around the earth and creating failures in weather. This one (Alaska) is famous.

Terry: wow, is there HAARP in Japan, too?
Cobra: Yes.

(An image with many explanatory descriptions in fine print will be posted. I could not write them down because the letters were too small)

OK, here is the deeper aspects of physical matrix.

Among them, there is a directed energy weapon the dark forces use to the human masses. Most of them are used against light workers and light warriors. Sometimes they were used to riots. Other technologies are used to control physical biology. First biochips were experienced during the world war 1 in the prisoners war camps. The biochip then was not so successful. After that, various biochips were developed during the world war 2 in the concentration camps. There was mass production of biochip to human led by Siemens, the German company after 1945. Biochips were distributed to mass vaccination programs started by WHO in 1945. Those biochips were upgraded after late 1970’s, especially in 1996. Dark forces tried to put the upgraded biochips into the famous Covid vaccines, but this was prevented by Resistance movement, so no worries. There are many speculations about the Corona vaccines but they are worried after it’s already all over. (laughter)

The Chimera group controls through black nobility families, and they have infiltrated almost the whole systems, from politics to mass media to everything. And through the network, they control the whole human society. People are really attached to the mass media. And actually, cell phones are tied to the physical biochips. The biochips communicate each other through the cell phone network. They can send information through extremely low frequency, create images and thoughts, release chemicals in the brain that make you foggy, tired or sleepy, produces fear hormones.

The locations of 3 physical biochips are shown in this picture. Ones are behind each eye, in the frontal lobe of the brain. They try to influence the mental thought process. Another one is in about 5 cm above the navel which influences the emotional process. they send standing wave, or electric pulses that activate primal fear of the human entity. Those biochips are quite difficult to be addressed, but Light forces are doing their best right now to clear them.

Now I will explain about human consciousness. When somebody has an implant or biochips, and when these humans on the surface are presented the information which goes against the programming, they first deny it and stick to the programming. If they could not deny it and continue like that, he or she goes into mental breakdown. So, if somebody has the programing against the system but has somebody else firmly believe the system, he cannot accept the truth. If the biochips are removed, there would be still shocks, but the situation can be processed better. But there still might be some fear or enthusiasm. Many lightworkers have been programmed against the Galactic Confederation and Ashtar Command with these implants.
Now those Implants are cleared, but biochips are not yet. The biochips need to be removed before the first contact and before the Event happens. Grusch’s disclosure happened when the etheric plane was cleared. The situation is ready for limited disclosure, but it really gets interesting when the biochips are removed.OK, time for few questions.

Q and A session 6


Q. I like your message “Hold the Light” I believe that to hold the light is for people to connect with their inner goddess and stay in harmony in partnership with others through SOTR activities. Is there any difference between your view and mine?
A. SOTR is about doing those meditations and doing physical action and projects. Learning and teaching various healing techniques to hold the light.

Q. You say that the universe is currently in the process of contracting, where The Source will intervene directly, but does that mean it will contract in the absence of darkness? Or do you mean that it will contract after eliminating all darkness, if there is any?

A. Yes, of course. As soon as possible.

Q. As all Karma has been removed, those who will reincarnate can keep the past memories or abilities? A. Unfortunately, no. because they still get vaccinated and biochips.

Q. If I have a blood transfusion, will I also transfer biochips?

A. the biochips are not delivered with blood. They are put only in vaccines. Sometimes they are put in softdrinks or shower.

Q. Regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, I remember you said there is a lack of goddess energy especially in Siberia. What can we do to help this situation? Maybe buring more cintamani in that area?

A. Siberia is not the main problem. The cintamani light grid is needed in western part of Russia and Ukraine where people cannot enter.

We will have a 20 minutes break and then continue with the main program. Thank you very much.

Short break

OK, just few of your questions, and we will continue with the main program.

Q and A session 7


Q. Please let me know if there is a proper order for the three meditations of the Goddess.

A. Just follow your own guidance.

Q. In your interview with Debra in June you said that one must have a high vibrational frequency to be a member of the Island of Light, but could you please tell me what exactly you mean by a high vibrational frequency?

A. All members of the surface population can be admitted to the island of light. There will be some adjustment or guideline provided by Pleiadians. I would say there will be few people who are admitted to be part of it.

Q. Do you know Bogeda(Bogda) mountain?

A. Please send me email about that place.

OK we will go on the main program.

We will finish this tonight very soon. I would like to speak about the change that is about to happen.
False Vacuum

As I said this universe is not in true stable state yet. It has to reach its equilibrium. As you probably noticed there are too much unbalances in this universe and on the planet. This feelings we have is the last phase of the final purification that needs to happen before the true balance comes.

As this is the final phase, we can see the changes accelerating faster and faster. Huge breakthrough and huge changes will happen very slowly before it happens. You can visualize the changes are accelerating. It is important to remember because these changes will happen so fast that we can expect a huge breakthrough very soon. This graph is compiled from the works of many scientists. This shows the series of important events happen faster and faster and faster. So you can see clearly things now are happening faster and faster, until we reach the conversing point, or singularity point. That change is the compression breakthrough, the Event, and Galactic Super Wave, and all that. The Change.

We have underwent certain amount of transformations, and phase transition can be used for our guidance. We were here in 2019(phase I). We are here now (pointing at just before the Critical Heat Flux). And this is the moment of the Event (Critical Heat Flux). As we approach this point of transition, more and more excitement and more people get crazy. When we reach the breakthrough point, it will be a big catharsis, or big release. The situation will calm down and there will be equilibrium.

What is happening is someday, everything is ready for the Event. All of the infrastructure will be ready for that moment. The infrastructure for the newfinancial system will be ready. The data centers will be released to public. Everything is ready for the right conditions, then Light forces will press the button.

And it will be like this in the moment of the Event.

The Resistance Movement is ready under the surface of the planet. As soon as the surface conditions are right, they can assist the Event operation.

And at that point, certain members of surface population are ready to go underground Kingdom of Light and experience.

The Pleiadians have their own plan. Individually and collectively for this planet to participate the First Contact operation, which is also the part of the same plan.

Today, we have built the foundation of what will happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow, each of you will bring one piece of gold or silver. You need to bring those for certain situation that will happen here tomorrow. For you and for this planet. With that gold and silver activated, you will begin to magnify it. You have 15 hours from now to manifest what you will bring for tomorrow.

Also, pay attention to your dreams.

I would like to say thank you everybody for coming today. See you tomorrow, and Victory of the Light!