Bridge to Lemuria: Princess Maia Comes to Earth – Faith Spina
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Bridge to Lemuria: Princess Maia Comes to Earth – Faith Spina

Mother Earth is crying out for help. Her forests, oceans and land are being destroyed. The people of Earth are not listening! The year is 1987 and the cries from Earth are heard in the Heavens. The star beings and angels are alerted to Earth’s crisis and send their finest team of angels and fairies to assist in the awakening the people of the world.

Princess Maia of the Pleiades comes to earth as a human and has countless adventures with her human friends to introduce them a whole new way of life. A way of life which is good for people, animals and the land. Deep in our human memories we remember Lemuria and Maia helps us to discover it within us before it’s too late.

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